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Friday, June 8th, 2012
5:10 pm
Wednesday, September 6th, 2006
11:21 pm
I have to create a science/technology blog for one of may classes. dearest, witty, friends list/anyone else reading this, i am soliciting blog name/&title suggestions from you. something in the science-vane, would be nice, but ALL suggestions will be considered. and the winner gets a prize. a great surprise prize.

i mean the only science i'm taking now is organic and i'm not taking a math, so the nerd jokes just aren't coming to me right now. so please, i can't have it just be caroline's science blog.
Monday, June 5th, 2006
9:22 pm
Så som i himmelen/ As it is in Heaven / Wie im Himmel was a wonderful movie...until the last 5 seconds.

i spent the weekend with my host family at oma's house pretending to understand platt deutsch and being force fed all sorts of sweets and telling oma that, no i wasn't cold. we were also in münster and in the dom there is the bronze statue sequence of the crusifixion and in the first one it looks like gahndi is helping jesus carry the cross. he is skínny and bald and has those really round glasses on.

umm charchar- our pig plans don't seem very feasible, becuase dogs are supposed to preaditorize them (yeah i know that sounds like blaze), we might "not be zoned to own a pig", and i could only find ones online that were black or black with white spots and i want ours to be pink. oh and they get really huge

i might have visa issues. my student visa is good until the 30th of june, the same day i fly from italy to germany. when i have reentered germany from eu countries, they haven't looked at my passport. i don't even think there is a place for them to do so at the hanover airport. but will they let me leave italy? my host mom wants to ask the people who issued my visa, but they are the last people who i think we should talk to...i mean why tell them that i will be be potentially illigally? will it be a problem when i fly back to that states that i overstayed my visa by 3 days? but i mean i could still be here on a normal tourist stamp, so does it even matter?

the experiment lady liked my ambassador project and the included picture...thanks kenzie!...and she didn't even mention that i printed it on that back of a school worksheet, because we don't seem to have any actual computer paper. 

one month minus one day until nc
Thursday, June 1st, 2006
6:49 pm

I fell off of my bike into a puddle after taking a curve too fast. of the approximatly 7people who were in the area, none of them asked if i was ok....welcome to deutschland...which i am pretty much, my hip is a little bruised, but ich sollte es uberleben

i'm really excited about the trip dad and i are taking. i just bought the train tickets from munich to florence. eight hours and twenty minutes on a train through germany, austria, and italy during the day...so we can enjoy the sights? 
frankfurt - pick up dad (pick up meaning meeting him at the arrivals gate and walking across the street to the trainstation)
nürnberg - us vs gahna game (will we get tickets? probaly not, but druck diene Daumen)...it is more expensive to travel from frankfurt to nürnberg (with my bahncard), a 2 hour 20 minute journey, than it is to travel from munich to florence (6 hours longer + border crossings)
Florence - + neighboring areas
minden - sachen holen, kaffee trinken, stadt furhung, maybe kaiser wilhem denkmal (since i haven't been there yet), EURO toilet seat kaufen, early train to frankfurt or being driven there by host fam...perferably train!
frankfurt - spend remaing euros in airport, fly to dc
dc - drive to raleigh, stopping at several exits for bagels, doughnuts, and a burrito

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006
10:48 am
i had to wear gloves to school today.

i have decided that i am volljahrig and will sign my own ambassador project, because a). i don't want the germans to look at me funny for asking them to lie and b). it is illegible anyways, so experiment won't know that it's mine...after all i was the only adult who gave me guidence on the project...unless you count my hostdad giving me the garbage bags

my mother is insisting that i write my roommate an email. i have no idea what to say.....umm year so I'm caroline i've already live away form home for 3 years and i'm majoring in this and that or this. and good luck on your exams????...i guess i really don't know what else to say, becuase i mean what i do now, as opposed to what i did lastyear is different and i don't know how i'll be next year extracurricular wise. i mean last year i would have said i swim and play soccer and frisbee and do theatre stuff and diversity stuff and and and and and now it's like ummm well i bike and run and read and like bakeries and play handball, but not like the handball that's played in the states. i no longer know what kind of music i like (sadly/embarassingly this europop stuff is growing on me)....and i guess i don't want to make the wrong impression, or any impression at all

does anyone know if i can access the german itunes store in the us? buying german cds in the states is pretty expensive...or seeing how two ipods have died in my possession another german music download place, becuase i might want my next mp3 player to be more durable

and now i'm off the the most boring physics class ever...yes it's that boring this entire semester has been about induction. if we hold hte magnet here when the electricity is flowing this way which way will the metal bar move....just plug the numbers into the formula and move on to something more interesting already! 
Monday, May 29th, 2006
5:41 pm
my sister just wrote and sent me an email from the car on the way back from the beach. oh how i can't wait to live in the world of real technology angain and having a normal cellphone plan. and sun. a month ago we had 4 glorious sunny 23 grad C days (like 75sih F). since then it has been 13C (55F) and rainy basically everyday. it's almost june, that is totally unacceptible. i need my sun. and hell i'll gladly take my afternoon thunderstorms too. i mean at least they are powerful and don't last long. this is just a mopey rain that goes away and them comes right back and the sun is never blue always this horrible gray

okay okay, i don't really watch them that often, you can glean a lot from the occasional viewing, but this is deustch culture man...and it is better than being outside in the cold rain
Saturday, May 27th, 2006
2:13 pm
After not going to school on monday (sick) and tuesday (slept through 1st class, second class fell out) or wednsday –friday of the preceeding week and having 2 classes (four periods) on wednesday afternoon, the surprise (to me...thanks for telling me...i might have wanted to go somewhere interesting) four day weekend (thursday –sunday) is proving to be a much needed break.
I did my ambassador project thursday: picking up trash on the glacis while dodging drunken bike riders celebrating the acsention of christ...this nation sure knows how to party. Mackinzie helped, which was really nice because now i can say i had volunteers...she is the only person in the area i felt comfortable asking to pick up trash with me... then we saw the german movie fc venus, which was cute....but i thought it was funny how when they were „watching “ world cup games they mentioned Kevin Kurányi multiple times...and he didn’t make the team. Then we baked chocolate chip cookies with real nestle choclatechips and we didn’t have baking problems like i have had in the past (like converting the temperature wrong or not enough baking powder)...germany still lacks proble packable brown sugar
I now have hours of room cleaning/sorting/packing infront of me...

EDIT: so maybe it's good that we didn't go to the eröffnung der modernste bahnhof der welt the count was really at least 28 and one of them is HIV positive (or atleast that's what the news said this afternoon)...why i couldn't find a better article (at least in englsih), i have no idea

also i cheered for luxembourg this afternoon and they lost 7-0 and the tv announcers were really mean about it and kept talking about how they were ranked between madegascar and pakistan. and during halftime he was talking to franz beckenbauer and made him explain basically each missed shot by germany and was all like how could they have let lux even get off a shot?...really germany has eighty something million people, luxembourg has less than half a million...give them a break and pick out your friendly game opponets better if you want a game that will improve your team.
Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006
2:14 pm
berlin ...pictures stolen form kenzie and hannah
carlie and i stole communist propaganda...which we later found out was free for the taking...at least we had it before everyone else did

berlin was kinda blah this time, i was in a funky mood most of the time, i think because we were talking about going home a lot and how much the experience meant to different people. most of the official program was less interesting as i had expected like the reichstag and ambassador's house visit. but the british guy at the american house telling us about the history of berlin and offending a lot of people was interesting, as was attempting to schwartzfahr by cramming 60ish people onto an already full bus (it wouldn't go, so we were limited to like 30 or something) as was setting my hair on fire. and there was cake! i also got pictures from the halfmarathon, london, and the rest of the year form carlie and kenzie, but can't put them on here because the usb ports on this computer don't work.

at the Timkins&apos; house
at the ambassador's house...not that he was there

you'd think all that food would keep us awake through P&P...nope

well documented cups
Wednesday, May 17th, 2006
10:33 am
I'm going to berlin this afternoon and coming back to minden on sunday. this is for our reentry program...which makes it sound like we have to be deprogrammed before we return. we are going to see the ambassador (who doesn't speak german) and we have lots of free time...i guess if it gets boring i can just run around between all of the monuments and stuff...oh wait, i already did that.
when i get back i'll have exactly a month in minden before i leave to meet daddy in frankfurt

i still have to pack and go to the ECenter

and on monday when i get back i have the privilege of taking a four hour long math exam! i can only hope it is as fun as the four hour long bio exam i took this past monday...my ambassador project is still in limbo
Thursday, May 11th, 2006
6:04 pm
yay!!! i'm going to italy with daddy!... or at least i have plane tickets from italy to germany at the end of june, so i figure i have to go there in order to use them!!!! hlx is so cool. i mean i can fly from italy to germany for less than i can ride a db train from minden to berlin, with my bahncard! looks like my ambassador project won't be as cool as i wanted it to be, but that's ok i guess...

oh and:
we have cheese from five differnet countries in the refridgerator right now

and my hmom got my hdad a shirt at a thrift store. it is what i think they call electric blue with lime green half dollar sized apples all over it collared shirt. it's really fun, but when they were talking about whether he should keep it or if they should give it to a friend who wears things with such pizzaz oftener, hdad joked that we could "offer it to steve jobs"...which i found really funny, becuase i didn't know that they knew who steve jobs is
Wednesday, May 10th, 2006
5:27 pm
Gestern war ein sehr medicinischer Tag. ich habe Blut gespendet und Grey's anatomy, er, and house geguckt. in den usa nach man Blut gespendet hat, kreigt man lance crakers oder little debbie sußigkeiten, und die sind lekker, aber in deutschland gibt es ein ganzes Buffet mit Obst, belägte Brötchen, Torte...

mein vater hat mir gesagt, dass er dachte, dass wir wm karte gekreigt haben...aber er hat die internetseite nicht durchgelesen...wir konnten karte kreigen, aber haben die noch nicht gekreigt...es war toll für 5 minuten zu denken, dass ich den USA gegen Gahna Speil sehen wurde.
Monday, May 8th, 2006
3:03 pm
Deutsche Sonnenmilch ist ganz komisch. Ich fand sie in 4, 6, 8, 12, 15, 20, 25, und 50+. von 25 bis 50+ ist weit. ich kaufte 25, aber ich habe trtzdem neue Sommersprosse gekreigt...solange als ich nicht rosa werde, ist alles ok

Mein Vater kaufte einen Klotz für den Alumni Weg bei NCSSM, dass könnte toll sein, aber er hat den Klotz „supafunkytoes 2005“schreibengelassen. Wie peinlich. Als wir zum Thema Zehen gekommen sind, ist der Nagel meiner kleiner Zehe halb aufgerissen geworden. Es hat nicht weh getan, aber ich riß den ganzen Nagel aus, weil es ekelhaft war.

Jetzt weiß ich was für ein Ambassador Project ich will. Ich will eine Bank auf die Glacis weiderbauen (einmal gab es mehrere Bänke neben den Fluß, aber jemand hat die gestohlen und nur die konkret Fundamenten da gelassen....wieso man ein Teil von eine Bank gebrauchen könnte, weiß ich nicht), buntes mahlen, und auch ein schönes Zitat über Frieden oder Toleranz darauf schrieben...wir werden sehen, od die Stadt mir ein Erlaubnis gibt...wenn nicht tu ich es veilleicht trotzdem
Thursday, May 4th, 2006
5:04 pm
Heute hab ich die erste Manpris des Jahres gesehen!!!!!!!

Als ich meiner englisch Lehrerin fragte, ob sie ein/e englisch Lehrer/in an eine andere schule kennt, sagte sie nein, aber ein Herr Lindermann an unsere Schule macht gerade ein Film Project, das als Ambassador Project vielleicht zahlen könnte, und dass ich soll ihn finden und fragen. Ich wußte, dass das Film Project keine Ambassador Project sein könnte und deswegen habe ich nicht nach Herr Linderman gesucht. Aber meine englisch Lehrerin hat ihm gesagt, dass ich Interesse für sowas habe. So jetzt muss ich zwei Tage nach Beilefeld fahren, um Kameratechnik zu lernen, und noch ein Tag in irgendeine Betrieb verbringen. Naja, es könnte interessant werden, aber troztdem habe ich kein festgestellt Ambassador Project. Meine Familie kennt ein paar Grundschulelehrherrinnen, die ich fragen kann, ob ich etwas mit ihren Klassen machen kann. Oh well...
Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006
5:39 pm
Ich glaube, dass meine Deutschkentnesse hat seit Osterferien sich verschlimmert. Deswegen, probiere ich mehr Deutsch in mein Leben zu bringen. Ich schreibe fast nie in die Schule und schreibe kein Tagebuch. Ich schriebe nur Briefe, die nur auf englisch sind, und LJ. Sofort mein LJ wird auf deutsch geschrieben (außer Not Sachen und Dinge, die direkt für zu Hause Amis sind). Ich weiß nicht wie lange ich aushalten kann, aber ich will es einfach probieren. Du kannst kein deutsch? Pech gehabt... oder nicht weil alles relativ langweilig ist. Versuch es mit Babelfish oder etwas ähnlich, aber vorsicht, wir könnten lustig Mißverstandenes haben. Andere Teile von mein „Verbesser dein Deutsch“ Programm sind: mehr deutsch zu lesen (bzw weniger englisch), zu hören (kein BBC, CNN, oder ForcesRadio...außer Daily Show Global edition), und vielleicht auch zu reden besonders in der Schule (trotz die komische Leute da).

Charchar! Ich weiß nicht wenn move-in ist, aber ich will mit dir ins Counting Crows Konzert gehen. (ich glaube, dass mein Grammatik da voll schlimm ist.)

Heute ist das Wetter prima, aber meine Gastfamilie ist verrückt geworden. Sie haben doppel so viel Energie wie normalerweise und lachen und singen.

Mein Vater kommt ende Juni und er will nach Bavaria. Münchener/in: gibt’s Vorschläge wegen was wir da machen sollen? Besonders mit einer fußballmaßiger Stimme?...und auch Biermaßig? Nach Bavaria, dürfen wir nach andere Lander. Wie weit ist es von München bis die Italienische Grenze?....aber ich will vielleicht nach Schweden!!!!!!!

Ich brauche Vorschläge für T-shirts.
Monday, May 1st, 2006
12:42 pm
i saw What the Bleep yesterday wiht the hostfam (we drove 30 minutes to the kino) and it gave me a headache, so i don't know if i liked it or not. during the interview parts they ran the english original audio under the german translation audio so they were speaking both languages at the same time and the german was really fast and loud enough that you couldn't totally understand the english. the movie also went in a totally other direction than i thought it would. petra convinced hannah to go, but i don't think she liked it much.
after eight months of german school i finally got a binder and have orgnaized all of the work we've done this year. the clausure phase start tomarrow, which means that i get out of german ar 9:15 tuesday morning and don't have to be back until 2:05 wednesday for an hour and a hlaf of biology. i have no idea what we do after the exams are over. some people are going to poland for 5 days, which could be cool, but they get back on the day my dad flies in, so it would be kinda hectic. but with a fourth of the grade in a foreign country a lot of classes will probably fall out and just be slacker in general, so that's good..although slacker than they are now is kinda scary. we finally integrated in math. my physics teacher still speaks english to me. i asked a question (in german) and he replied, "Eins..umm one"...ummmm hello, i think i've grasped at least the numbers by now.
still trying to figure out where to live next year...all the dorms seem the same, so it's really hard to choose and my housing app is coming in so late that my second and third choices do matter.
Thursday, April 27th, 2006
7:18 pm
when i got to english today everyone had copies of Animal Farm and were supposed to have read the first two chapters over break (no one had). i didn't know any thing about this. i missed the last four english classes before the break because i was sick and had to write exams, but hannah was there. and hannah had Animal Farm. and hannah didn't tell me anything about this. and before they started haveing reading time in class, i had to listen to the most boring horrible accornts of Gahndi's life and works. and hannah is supposed to cook dinner tonight, but it won't be ready until nine.

in german we read a poem about Hiroshima and our teacher asked us about the history of it. one account: the japanese bombed Pearl Harbor then the americans droped the atomic bomb on japan. yup that's it. nothing else happend between the two incidences. nothing else was going on in the world at the time. yes i think atomic bombs are bad, but are the germans really going to deny that they wanted them during the war too? or that they were even part of that war?

snoop dog was arrested at heathrow for affray...come on snoop, at least wait until you are out of the security intenstive airport before you start threatening people

now that i'm back from over there there are all these articles that come across my gmail rss feed about what to do there. there is a peter pan playground in london. who knew? who wishes they had known?...um yeah that would be me. also articles about glassglow and dublin. before we went there were only articles about fiji and other places that i wouldn't actually go (i mean i'd go to fiji, but it isn't that realistic).

in math today there were intergals, i mean anti-derivitives wrtiing on the chalkboard. but they weren't for us. the GK math people somehow got to them before us, or are skipping what we are doing now (e funktions) (which i can fully understand, because i'm the only one in our class who could do the homework...and i wasn't even in calss when they learned it). seriously man, the mathe lk needs to get it's act together and actually try and not just copy from the board or they's gonna get their butts kicked

all these people are like freaking out about what happend on the last veronica mars episode. well people, quit freaking out on the internet in front of me. like my sister cried. now, i don't want veronica to be with the guy she wants her to be with and apparently it was the prom episode, so i might not have that much to get upset about...and i don't think it would have brought me to tears

oh and hey charchar, queen charlotte was such an avid snuff sniffer, that her nickname was Snuffy
Monday, April 24th, 2006
9:58 am
Sunday, April 23rd, 2006
7:40 pm
i should be home for july 4th...seems like it would be a fitting homecoming

long trip update in the making
Friday, April 21st, 2006
4:02 pm
{4 countries (in the last 24 hours) + 7 airports (in the last 7 days) + the realization that all i´ve eaten today is (1 cheese sandwich + 500 mL of coke)}^(0 hours of sleep out of the past 36 or so) = 1 exhausted caroline

but i bet you didn´t go to a butter museaum yesterday.
Saturday, April 15th, 2006
10:43 pm
so i'm in dublin right now. all we wanted to do was watch rugby, but no in order to get into anywhere that was showing it, you had to be 21. nevermind that the drinking age is 18. and also never mind that we didn't want to drink. anyways scotland was good. very windy. and onlz like 4 or5 paintings in the national gallery had kilted men. we had lots of accidental harry potter moments after we left london. alnwick castle, where they filmed some parts of the movies. the big china buffet that claims that jk started writing the books there. and of course "platform 9 & 3/4" (which has a sign and a trolly halfway through the wall, but is not between platforms 9 & 10 because there is nothing between platforms 9 & 10)
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