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my sister just wrote and sent me an email from the car on the way back from the beach. oh how i can't wait to live in the world of real technology angain and having a normal cellphone plan. and sun. a month ago we had 4 glorious sunny 23 grad C days (like 75sih F). since then it has been 13C (55F) and rainy basically everyday. it's almost june, that is totally unacceptible. i need my sun. and hell i'll gladly take my afternoon thunderstorms too. i mean at least they are powerful and don't last long. this is just a mopey rain that goes away and them comes right back and the sun is never blue always this horrible gray

Verliebt in Berlin 
okay, it has dragged on long enough. find david already...you would have found him long ago if you had gone to the cops and you would still have the ten million euros ransom that you spent to ummm...not get him back. but i mean i know that they find him, or almost find him, because we saw them filming on the spree on a boat, which means they were celebrating his safe return...right? or maybe that that's where the kidnappers were hiding him. i mean it's so tragic that he had to get kidnapped right after he realized that lisa is the woman for him...that is unless she falls for the guy who always wears plaid with paisly and is helping her through this emotional time

ok so the rich lawyer, Gerner, is apparently not as infertile as her thought, becuase he got the really mean lady pregnant, which means that isabell's baby could really be his too. not that she would go back to him or anything after he embarassed her so on their wedding day, but at least the kid would be financially taken care of, isabell could quit whining and pestering tim (who has to deal with not being addicted to the drugs gerner got him hooked on and the leagal issues), and he has already paid the mean lady the 3 million dollars to carry his child. 

phillip's little sister should not go after Francie's (her brothers new girlfriend) exboyfriend...i mean really can she really be that stupid...i mean i know that she stole tim from her best friend and then kept buying him drugs even after he told her he hated her, but does she reall yneed to cause more trouble

sandra needs to finally realize that she hasn't been sleeping with Marcos, instead with his evil twin brother...muhahaha...who seems to have beaten him up (or had him beaten up). marcos is currently waking up, but is in a hospital is poland? maybe the chech republic??? and can't remember anything, but when he looks at the nurse, he sees sandras eyes

Lotta in Love
come on micheal! surely you can tell that lotta dressed up as alex, isn't alex, your girlfriend...as much as lotta wants to be.
klaus' theory that lotta and alex were separated at birth is horrible. i mean alex's mom would know, because she would have had to a). give lotta up or b). adopt alex...niether of which seem to be the case. sure a swiched babies plot is somewhat plausable, but not with identical twins

okay okay, i don't really watch them that often, you can glean a lot from the occasional viewing, but this is deustch culture man...and it is better than being outside in the cold rain
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