CJS (hexaquoscandium) wrote,

berlin ...pictures stolen form kenzie and hannah

carlie and i stole communist propaganda...which we later found out was free for the taking...at least we had it before everyone else did

berlin was kinda blah this time, i was in a funky mood most of the time, i think because we were talking about going home a lot and how much the experience meant to different people. most of the official program was less interesting as i had expected like the reichstag and ambassador's house visit. but the british guy at the american house telling us about the history of berlin and offending a lot of people was interesting, as was attempting to schwartzfahr by cramming 60ish people onto an already full bus (it wouldn't go, so we were limited to like 30 or something) as was setting my hair on fire. and there was cake! i also got pictures from the halfmarathon, london, and the rest of the year form carlie and kenzie, but can't put them on here because the usb ports on this computer don't work.

at the Timkins' house
at the ambassador's house...not that he was there

you'd think all that food would keep us awake through P&P...nope

well documented cups
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